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SpectraPLUS-SC 5B (inkl. 3 Optionen)
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The screenshot below is of the main application window. All the frequently used menu commands are now available on the toolbar for quick access. Test configuration files can be loaded directly from the toolbar and multiple plots can be viewed simultaneously - it exceptionally easy to use.

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The screenshot below is of the Spectrum Display. This display is the workhorse of the analyzer and we have highly optimized its performance for quick updates and made it exceptionally easy to use. The example below shows several "overlays" where previous measurements have been saved and displayed together with the current spectrum. In addition, a differential cursor measurement are shown. You have complete control over scaling and labeling for all axis. The overlays can be saved and recalled from disk and labeled to meet your needs. This display is very fast - download the program and try it yourself!

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The screenshot below shows the Time Series display. Editing is supported in the Recording or Post Processing modes and full cursor measurements are provided.

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The screenshot below is of the Spectrogram display. This display shows the spectrum versus time with the amplitude shown in color. You can select the color gradient, scroll direction and many other parameters. Cursor measurements are supported on all axis. This display is one of the finest spectrograms available for the PC.

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The screenshot below is of a 3-D Surface plot which shows a perspective view of the spectrum versus time.

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The screenshot below is of the THD+N versus Frequency utility. This measures and plots the distortion over a range of frequencies.

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