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Home>PHS>SpectraPLUS-SC Option /09: Acoustic Tools 26. April 2017 
SpectraPLUS-SC Option /09: Acoustic Tools
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SpectraPLUS-SC Option /09: Acoustic Tools

Reverberation Time (RT60) utility features bar graph of reverberation time versus frequency band, 3-D Surface plot of the decay versus frequency and individual decay plots versus time.

Delay Finder measures delay between two channels in milliseconds, feet or meters.

Speed of sound - converts the delay value between milliseconds, feet or meters.

Equivalent Noise (Leq) utility provides comprehensize noise level calculations for LeqT, Leq, Lpk , Lsel, Lmax, Lmin, L10, L50, L90.

Stereo Phase Scope for real-time monitoring and analysis of signal phase. Phase scope mode displays a standard oscilloscope X-Y orientation (lissajous pattern) for analysis of phase, polarity, missing channel detection and stereo separation monitoring.


Sprachen: Handbuch E, Software E


SpectraPLUS-SC 5


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